Huayan set up the "2024 interns growth class"

2024-07-01 15:52:34 嘉兴市华严花边织造有限公司 Viewd 38

At the beginning of July, Huayan welcomed the 2024 school recruiting interns. In order to help new employees fully understand the basic situation of the company and adapt to the new role and environment as soon as possible, our company set up the "2024 interns growth class".

24培训 (1)

24培训 (2)

24培训 (3)

Huayan always believes that every intern possesses unique potential and value. In order to fully explore these potentials, we provide a personalized growth path and career development plan. Through our planning, we establish a multi-dimensional training mechanism to ensure that each intern is able to move forward steadily at his or her most suitable pace.

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