Create a modern industrial park build an intensive production base in elastic field

Create a modern industrial park build an intensive production base in elastic field

Huayan has been committed to building a professional production base of elastic with international competitiveness. Huayan carries out scientific intergration to adapt to market competition and industrial upgrading.

Huayan also actively transforms intoa "Industry 4.0 Factory" , adopting a new generation of information technology and automated production equipment featuring the internet of things, mass data, cloud computing and visualization. The production process upgrades from "manufacturing" to "ntelligence manufacturing".

lntroduction of the world's leading automation production equipment achieves huayan outstanding quality

Strength determines competitiveness. Huayan actively introduces overseas leading production technology, automation equipment and management experience, and accelerates the pace of industrial upgrading. The leading technology in the world also ensures that Huayan always provides customers with high precision, high dynamic and flexible manufacturing requirements.

Production process

Design, material selection, material preparation, knitting and weaving, dyeing, testing, inspection, packaging, storage and transportation, these 11 major processes require 30 tests, which show Huayan people value details and are professional in quality. Huayan has achieved lean management in manufacturing, product development, collaboration, marketing network etc. Its High-quality, high-tech, high-efficiency production has won trust and great reputation all over the world.

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