Bottom Band Elastic Production Process

2023-05-30 13:39:16 Jiaxing Huayan Elastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Viewd 342

Today to introduce you to an elastic material called Bottom band elastics, mainly used to provide the Bottom band elastics to the lower edge of some garments, generally can be used for underwear bras as well as swimwear, etc. Then today to introduce the production process and process of this material, so that you are more confident about this product, as well as more confident to know why this material can do a good job.


Then the bottom of these types and characteristics of rubber bands, in addition to the manufacturing process, mainly in accordance with the customer's requirements and needs of different, to change the settings of these manufacturing required raw materials, etc., as well as the need for additional features, such as enhanced friction and anti-slip properties.

So manufacturing the bottom of the rubber band exactly what production process is required? Then I will explain one by one, step by step to explain clearly. The following is the manufacturing process of the Bottom band elastics.


1. Material preparation

The bottom of the rubber band manufacturing needs to prepare the corresponding materials, including rubber, polyester fiber, nylon, latex, etc.. These materials need to be mixed in a certain ratio in order to obtain the desired elasticity and performance.


2. Coating silicone or rubber

The next step in manufacturing the Bottom band elastics is to coat the surface of the material with a layer of silicone or rubber. This increases friction and slip resistance, allowing the bottom rubber to adhere more firmly to the garment.


3. Weaving or braiding

The manufacturing process of the bottom elastic includes weaving or knitting. Weaving is usually done using knitting machines, while weaving can be done using spindle looms or circular knitting machines. After weaving or braiding, the bottom elastic will have a specific width, thickness and elasticity.


4. Cutting

The bottom elastic needs to be cut to fit the size and shape of the garment. This requires a high degree of accuracy and skill to ensure that the bottom elastic fits snugly into the garment and provides the required support.


5. Sewing

Finally, the bottom elastic is sewn to the bottom edge of the underwear, swimwear or other garment. This requires specialized skills and experience to ensure that the bottom elastic fits the garment perfectly, providing comfort and support.


In addition to being a garment accessory, the bottom elastic has other uses. For example, it can be used in industries such as medical equipment, protective gear, and packaging materials to provide additional support and protection.



Above I have introduced the detailed Bottom band elastics production process, so that we want to achieve the bottom of the garment rubber band, can make the key body parts do not go naked, not in the important time, the bra or swimsuit off, causing a big blow, so this accessory is still very important, in the production process, or very troublesome, the reason so many steps, or to make the product more reassuring.