Under arm elastics raw materials and applications

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Hello, I am huayan textile salesman, I am going to talk about what is the raw material of our under arm elastics and the scope of application, this product is mainly used in the garment manufacturing industry, especially at the hem and cuff of the garment, and is more important a location of the elastic band, then we first to explore the raw material of under arm elastics it!


Under arm elastics raw materials

What is the main raw material of Under arm elastics? The main raw material is latex rubber, which is a natural resin extracted from the rubber tree, this raw material is generally obtained through the coconut sap of the rubber tree, and nowadays it can be produced in a synthetic way, and has good elasticity and very good durability, and is ideal as a raw material for making under arm elastics, and can be used for a wide range of elastic products.


Production process of under arm elastics

Before producing under arm elastics, the liquid is processed, collected, and dried into rubber sheets, which are then cut and stretched to produce the elastic bands needed for under arm elastics. In addition to latex rubber, other materials such as polyamide fiber, polyester fiber, etc. can be added to increase the comfort and aesthetics of Under arm elastics.


Applications of Under arm elastics

Under arm elastics are widely used in the garment manufacturing industry, especially at the hem and cuffs of garments. They can effectively increase the shrinkage of the garment, making it more comfortable to wear.


Under arm elastics also have a wide range of applications in the medical field. For example, under arm elastics can be used for fracture fixation or bandage fixation. Under arm elastics can often be used to secure casts or bandages because of the good stretch and durability of latex rubber. This effectively prevents the cast or bandage from sliding or loosening, thus promoting healing.


Under arm elastics also have a wide range of applications in the field of sports. For example, in some sportswear, Under arm elastics are used to increase the comfort and fit of clothing. Under arm elastics can also be used to provide stability and support in some sports equipment. For example, some running shoes, gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads, and other products use Under arm elastics as a material to give them better tightness and stability.


What applications can Under arm elastics be used for?

Under arm elastics are mainly used in the garment industry, they can be used in any position of the garment, whether it is the cuff or hat, or hem. It is good for the contraction of the clothes and can make the clothes more comfortable.

In addition to the garment industry, it can also be used in the sports industry and the medical field.

In the medical field, it can be used in fracture fixation or bandage fixation, etc. It can play a good stretch, prevent the plaster or bandage from sliding, and promote the patient to heal.

In the sports field, it can be used in sports apparel, which can play a stabilizing role, such as running shoes and wrist guards, using under arm elastics as the material, not only can be more solid, and also more flexible.



The above introduced so many European championships and under arm elastics applications, then he is indeed a very practical elastic band, the main raw material is latex rubber, and in the field of clothing, medicine, and sports, he has a lot of wide applications, in the future, its development will be better and better, and can be used in a broader and broader field.

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