The highest pursuit of environmental protection

The highest pursuit of environmental protection

As the relationship between environmental protection and fashion is getting closer, the concept of sustainable development with environmental protection as the core has become one of the important research topics in the field of webbing. As a deep cultivator in the webbing field, Huayan has been adhering to the green and sustainable development concept of continuous improvement, pollution prevention, energy saving and consumption reduction, and environmental protection priority since the company was established in 1992.

In terms of technology, Huayan reduces the discharge of pollutants by adopting clean production technology and formulating a zero-discharge plan for harmful chemical substances. In terms of products, on the one hand, Huayan puts forward higher quality requirements for the webbing, and attaches a professional laboratory to control the quality of the webbing in real time, so that the product has a longer and better life, thus reducing the abandonment rate of finished products due to damage; on the other hand, Huayan insists on using healthy, sustainable and environment-friendly raw materials to ensure that the products do not contain any heavy metals and toxic elements while having excellent skin-friendly properties.

Today, the concept of environmental protection and sustainability has already penetrated into the brand context of Huayan.This is Huayan's strict examination of itself at all times while adhering to the corporate core values of "customer first, quality first", and it is also the strength that Huayan should contribute and the social responsibility it should undertake in the development of the webbing field.

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