What is apicot trim?

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Picot trim is a common decorative edge that is often used in crochet or knitting. It can be achieved through sewing techniques, although nowadays it can be done using both machines and handwork. Picot trim is typically applied to garments, home textiles, and handicrafts, creating a perfect decorative effect that is favored by many women in the market.

What are the raw materials for picot trim?

Generally, picot trim can be made using materials such as embroidery thread, and it can be produced in different colors, textures, and widths to match various garments and other items. It can be used for edging decoration on clothing items like collars, cuffs, skirt hems, bed sheets, pillowcases, and other clothing and home furnishings.

In addition to being a decorative edge, picot trim also has functional uses. For example, in baby clothing, picot trim can be used as a finish on fabric edges to prevent fraying. Furthermore, picot trim can be used for garment adjustments and modifications, such as waistline reduction or tightening of sleeves.

In summary

Picot trim is an exquisite decorative edge that adds a delicate and elegant decorative effect to garments, home textiles, and handicrafts. Whether used for decoration or practical purposes, picot trim imparts a unique style and personality to items.