What are convertible straps?

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Convertible straps are adjustable convertible straps used in bras and other garments. They can be adjusted in length and tightness and are suitable for different types of bras. Convertible straps are made from soft and durable materials such as polyester fiber or nylon. They provide sufficient support and flexibility and can be adapted to different styles of wearing and needs.


How to use convertible straps?

Convertible straps can be made into different types, depending on the design and wearing requirements of the bra. We can extend five types of wearing methods: regular straps, strapless straps, crossed straps, single convertible straps, and low-back straps.


Regular straps: Thread the straps over the shoulders and secure them to the bra cups to provide basic support and comfort.


Strapless straps: These straps can be detached or hidden from the bra, allowing the bra to be worn without convertible straps. Usually, strapless straps have special structures such as back clasps or adhesive tapes to ensure the bra stays close to the skin and provides the desired support.


Crossed straps: Wear the straps crossed at the back, forming an "X" shape. This wearing method provides extra support, stability, and alleviates shoulder pressure. Crossed straps are suitable for situations that require better support, such as sports bras.


Single convertible strap: Transfer the support point of the bra from both shoulders to one side. This wearing method is suitable for special clothing styles such as one-shoulder or asymmetric designs.


Low-back straps: Low-back straps have longer lengths and can be worn around the waist or back to accommodate low-back outfits. They are commonly used for backless or open-back clothing to hide the bra straps.


How to wear a bra without showing the straps?

Here are some tips:


1. Use strapless straps: Choose strapless straps with back clasps or adhesive tapes to ensure the bra stays close to the skin, provides support, and avoids visible straps.

2. Select strap colors that match your outfit: If you cannot completely hide the straps, choose strap colors that are similar or matching to your clothing to reduce the visibility of the straps.

3. Use crossed wearing with convertible straps: Wear the straps crossed at the back in an "X" shape to effectively hide the straps, especially suitable for backless or open-back clothing.

4. Use breast petals or adhesive tapes: Breast petals or adhesive tapes are sticky products applied to the chest, providing some support and hiding the straps. They are suitable for special clothing styles such as off-shoulder or deep V-neck outfits.

5. Choose suitable bra styles: Certain bra styles have special designs that minimize the visibility of the straps. For example, some bodysuits or camisole-style bras have wider straps, which can better conceal the straps.



Convertible straps are unique convertible straps used in bras, offering various usage and wearing methods, as well as flexibility and comfort. Our company specializes in manufacturing convertible straps. If your bra brand or product requires straps, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide the best products.