What is foldover elastic?

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Foldover elastic is a common type of elastic band used in the garment industry. It can be used in the sewing of clothing, lingerie, and other textile products. This type of elastic is typically made from polyester or nylon fibers and is used to create the edges, shoulder straps, and waistbands of garments. Throughout this article, I will explain the uses, sewing methods, dimensions, and practicality of foldover elastic.


Uses of Foldover Elastic


Foldover elastic is primarily used in clothing, particularly in lingerie and bras, where it can be used as edging, shoulder straps, and waistbands. It enhances the overall elasticity of the garment, providing a comfortable and snug fit, making it more comfortable and easy to wear. Foldover elastic used in lingerie tends to have higher elasticity and is more harmonious and comfortable against the skin.


When used on necklines and cuffs, foldover elastic can add elasticity and contraction without exerting excessive pressure on the body, enhancing the elasticity of the edges. It is commonly used in sewing shirt collars, T-shirt necklines, as well as the waistbands of skirts and pants to prevent slipping and wardrobe malfunctions. Additionally, foldover elastic can be used in children's clothing and baby diapers to secure and prevent leakage, offering softness, comfort, and joy to the babies.


Sewing Methods for Foldover Elastic


There are two sewing methods for foldover elastic: direct sewing and coverstitching. These two methods have the following differences:

1. Direct sewing: Align the folded edge of the foldover elastic with the fabric edge and sew using a straight stitch sewing machine or serger. This method is suitable for edge stitching, such as necklines, cuffs, and hemlines.

2. Coverstitching: Align the folded edge of the foldover elastic with the fabric edge and sew using a coverstitch machine. This method is suitable for projects that require both stitching and covering the edges simultaneously, such as lingerie and swimwear.


Dimensions of Foldover Elastic


The dimensions of foldover elastic can vary depending on specific requirements. Generally, the width of foldover elastic ranges from 1/2 inch (approximately 1.27 centimeters) to 1 inch (approximately 2.54 centimeters). The length can be adjusted and trimmed according to the specific project.


Is Foldover Elastic Suitable for Bra Straps?


Foldover elastic can be used for making bra straps, but it is important to choose the appropriate width and material. Bra straps need to have sufficient tensile strength and comfort, so selecting the right foldover elastic is crucial. Generally, foldover elastic with a width of 3/8 inch (approximately 0.95 centimeters) to 1/2 inch (approximately 1.27 centimeters) is suitable for bra straps.


Can Foldover Elastic be Ironed?


Foldover elastic is typically made from synthetic fibers, so caution is needed when using an iron. High temperatures can melt or deform the foldover elastic. If ironing is necessary, it is recommended to use a low-temperature setting and perform a test beforehand to ensure that the texture and elasticity of the foldover elastic are not damaged.


In summary 

Foldover elastic is made from materials such as polyester and nylon. This type of elastic has good elasticity and is commonly used in garment manufacturing. We have provided you with information about the advantages and uses of foldover elastic. Therefore, when choosing foldover elastic in the future, you will understand why it is needed in certain areas and why other types of elastic are used in different places. When making a purchase, pay attention to the dimensions and materials, and choose accordingly based on your specific needs.