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From 4.9 to 4.11, Huayan team went to Osaka, Japan to participate in AFF.Osaka 2024 Spring Exhibition with our products. We received textile industry practitioners from various countries at the exhibition site, and there was a steady stream of visitors and inquirers.

The arrival of spring and summer makes the light elastic band become popular again, and many customers mentioned the demand for light elastic band in this exhibition!

Huayan's thin and light series is lightweight, breathable, our elastic band can not only be used for underwear to wear on the skin, but also can be used in sunscreen clothing and other light clothing edging or decoration.

The show is over, we're moving on!

AFF.大阪 (1)

AFF.大阪 (2)

AFF.大阪 (3)

AFF.大阪 (4)

AFF.大阪 (5)

AFF.大阪 (6)