Bra industry has seen the emergence of a "size-free" innovation.

2023-01-04 00:00:00 Jiaxing Huayan Elastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Viewd 344

Steel-free and size-free underwear, which stands for comfort and freedom, has expanded quickly with the rise of women's self-awareness, and the bra industry has seen the emergence of a "size-free" innovation.


The post-85/90 generation, particularly the light-sophisticated middle class with upper-middle-level spending power, is the dominant consumer in the non-size underwear market compared to overall bras. Because "Pleasure yourself" has ingrained itself in the brains of educated women, there is a higher penetration rate of non-size underwear among this group of customers. Married people are the biggest consumers of size-free underwear. Pregnant women in the childbearing stage are physically more demanding than other women, which has led to a rise in the need for supportive bras. Their liberation artifact is size-free underwear.


The following key groups are primarily responsible for the growth of size-free underpants.

The "pleasure themselves" mentality has grown among young mothers who have finished changing through their life stages. Young mothers choose bras with basic styles and pay greater attention to the seamlessness and comfort of bras. When buying bras, the stylish generation Z is more concerned with looks. They no longer only seek sexiness in their pursuits of originality and style; they also expect that bras will serve the purpose of "showing smaller breasts." Generation Z prefers high-value, customized no-size underwear designs and no-size underwear gift boxes.

Young people are more concerned with the practical aspects of bras, and they favor features like anti-sagging and gathering. Urban women value their quality of life more and strive for personal independence, thus they will select seductive bras. An essential component of urban living is the attention to detail in lace and lace. For better quality of life, disciplined women prefer bras with features such as back beauty and sports, while the senior middle class likes vest-style bras.


The upstream underwear sector's development trend encourages research and development of elastic bands, and this development has an impact on the underwear business as well. Consumer choices are influenced by a variety of aspects, including the comfort and style of the shoulder straps and bottoms of the underwear. Every day brings a new change to the fashion business. We must identify consumer demands, understand market trends, and continually address consumers' pain areas.