Customer first, quality first

2022-12-14 00:00:00 Jiaxing Huayan Elastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Viewd 317

As the relationship between environmental protection and fashion has grown stronger in recent years, the concept of sustainable development with environmental protection at its core has emerged as one of the most important research subjects in webbing. Huayan has always adhered to the green and sustainable development concept of continuous improvement, pollution prevention, energy saving and consumption reduction, and environmental protection priority as a profound cultivator in the webbing field, and has developed a series of webbing products with energy-saving and environmental protection properties based on this concept.


For example, the one-bath two-color flower gray series simplifies the weaving process by employing special textiles, and the usual seven-step procedure is reduced to five. While the current approach saves energy and shortens the production cycle, it also saves a lot of water and minimizes pollutant emissions due to the compression of the dyeing process.


You may be sure that the reduction in process flow does not affect product quality. Because of the fabric's unique properties, this series of products may be dyed in various colors with a single weaving, and the look of different batches of products is also more stable. Simultaneously, when compared to polyester, nylon, and gray materials, the product feels more comfortable and is more in accordance with the public's need for comfortable fashion products.


Throughout our journey with Huayan, we have seen the concept of environmental preservation and sustainability steadily permeate Huayan's brand framework. This is Huayan's constant self-examination while adhering to the corporate core principles of "customer first, quality first," and it is also the strength that Huayan should provide and the social duty it should take on in the development of the web industry!