Blood donation is the epitome of Huayan's public welfare undertakings

2022-11-30 00:00:00 Jiaxing Huayan Elastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Viewd 359

Last week, our company started a blood donation initiative for charity. And our staff gave generously. "It is a pleasant thing to dedicate love and save lives through voluntary blood donation," the employee who donated blood for the second time said. These words gave more meaning to our activities. Donating blood voluntarily is a red bond that honors life and expresses the true sentiments of the world. It is a wonderful gesture of unselfish dedication that helps the injured and saves lives. The activity advances social responsibility awareness among the majority of employees and fosters not just cohesiveness and unity but also the humanitarian spirit.

Huayan upholds the company's motto of "dedication and fraternity," instills in each employee the value of dedicating love and serving the public good, and spreads optimistic vibes through doable deeds.