Panty Leg Elastics

Panty leg elastics are elastic bands designed specifically for underwear. Many brands collaborate with us and use our brand's elastic bands. Our elastics come in various styles, elasticity options, and widths. They are suitable for both everyday underwear and athletic underwear. Additionally, our products have long-lasting elasticity.


Product Sizes:

Small: 16 inches - 18 inches

Medium: 18 inches - 20 inches

Large: 20 inches - 22 inches

The sizes provided above indicate the range of measurements. When choosing Panty leg elastics, it is recommended to select the size based on the difference in sizes, typically considering a span of two sizes as one elastic band size. Our elastic bands provide excellent stretchability. Using our elastic bands can reduce discomfort and improve fit. If your company uses our elastic bands for your products, the market will undoubtedly thrive.

Additional Information