Basic straps

Basic straps are a high-quality elastic band, which our company has specialized in manufacturing for over 20 years. We have designed different sizes and widths for this product, and our straps are adjustable in size and easy to wear. They are suitable for people who need support for various body parts or accessories. Our product comes in three size specifications: small (6 inches - 8 inches), medium (8 inches - 10 inches), and large (10 inches - 12 inches). Here is the specific size chart:

Product Sizes:

Small: 6 inches - 8 inches

Medium: 8 inches - 10 inches

Large: 10 inches - 12 inches

PS: The length of the sizes mentioned above refers to the measurement from one end to the other.

Our basic straps can be utilized in various applications, including the medical industry, luggage and backpacks, bras, underwear, and more. They can greatly improve comfort and alleviate discomfort.


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