What Is Fold Over Elastic Used For?

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Fold over elastic (FOE) is a flexible and versatile sewing accessory that is commonly used for sewing clothing, lingerie, bathing suits, baby clothes, headwear, and other crafts. Its main purpose is to provide support and shrinkage for fabrics, but it can also be used for decoration and landscaping.

The role of folded elastic bands

Folded elastic has an important role in garment making. It is often used for decorating and cuffing pants, skirts and cuffs. The elasticity of folded elastic ensures the comfort and fit of the garment, making it more comfortable and convenient to wear. At the same time, its diverse colors and patterns add a sense of design and fashion to the garment.


Folding elastic also plays an important role in the production of lingerie and swimwear. It is often used to decorate and close the edges, straps and hems of lingerie, as well as the edges and straps of swimwear. The soft texture and excellent elasticity of folded elastic allow lingerie and swimwear to conform to the body, providing better support and comfort.

For Baby Clothing

Folded elastic is also commonly used in baby clothes. It can be used to close baby pants and onesies, ensuring that the garment does not fall off and is comfortable to wear. The bright colors and patterns of folded elastic also add an element of cuteness and playfulness to baby clothes, making them vibrant and lively.


Folded elastic for headwear

Folded elastic is also often used in headwear. For example, it can be used for headbands and hair bands to add flair and style to the head. At the same time, the elasticity of folded elastic bands ensures that the headdress is comfortable and stable, making it easier and more comfortable to wear.

For crafts

Folding elastic can also be used in various crafts. For example, it can be used to decorate and edge bags, purses and handbags, adding a sense of design and style to the crafts. At the same time, the softness and durability of folded elastic makes the handicrafts more durable and practical.



Folding elastic band is a very practical and versatile sewing accessory that can be widely used in the production of garments, lingerie, swimsuits, baby clothes, headwear and handicrafts. Its elastic properties and variety of colors and patterns add design and fashion elements to these products, while also ensuring their comfort and stability. Therefore, folded elastic bands have a very important place in the sewing industry and are favored by many sewing enthusiasts and professionals.