Materials and Uses of Face Shield Elastic Bands

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What we are going to introduce today is the Facing elastics, this is a special elastic material, he is not mainly used on clothing, but for masks and the elastic band used for items worn on the head, especially for masks, such as ordinary medical masks, KN95 and other masks.


What kind of material is used to make the Facing elastics?



There are many kinds of materials about the Facing elastics, such as polyester fiber, rubber silk thread. There are also latex or neoprene, etc. Generally polyester fiber is used the most. So let's start a careful introduction next!


1. Polyester and rubber yarn material


This material of flat elastic band consists of polyester and rubber yarn. It is characterized by softness and comfort, abrasion resistance, high tensile properties and excellent UV resistance. In addition, it can also be customized according to customer needs, with a width of 5mm in general and a thickness of no more than 1mm. flat elastic tape can also be processed with hot melt film and printed patterns to meet the individual needs of different customers.


2. Latex or neoprene material


This material of round elastic band is usually made of latex or neoprene. It features good elasticity and softness, and can be customized in various sizes and colors according to customer requirements. It is suitable for different types of masks, such as N95 masks and medical surgical masks, and its performance in tension and elongation is very critical in these applications.


Second, what are the uses of Facing elasticss?

Facing elasticss are generally used for protective masks or Facing elasticss, whose purpose and role is to hold the mask in place, to enable it to fit the face properly, and to achieve a good protective effect. So let's take a closer look at these different applications.


1. Application of mask


The mask is one of the most common scenarios for the application of Facing elasticss. Most masks on the market use a round elastic band to hold the mask in place so that it fits closely to the face to create effective protection. And flat elastic straps or special rubber straps are used to hold the mask in place.



2. Medical mask


A medical mask is a mask used by medical personnel when performing operations such as surgery. These masks usually require strict compliance with medical standards, so the quality and performance indicators of their Facing elasticss are higher than those of ordinary masks. In this regard, the most common material is round elastic band.


3. Industrial masks


I'm sure you don't see this type of mask very often! Industrial masks are protective equipment widely used in chemical, metallurgical, construction and other industries. This kind of mask usually needs to be acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, with high protection performance and comfort. Facing elasticss also play an important role in industrial masks, which can be customized according to different use environments and requirements, choosing the appropriate material and size to ensure its protective performance.


4. Cleaning and hygiene use


Facing elasticss are not only used for masks and face shields, but also widely used in cleaning and hygiene applications. For example, flat elastic straps can be used as fixing straps for wet wipes, and round elastic straps can be used as fixing straps for sanitary napkins or diapers. These products need to be comfortable, soft, waterproof, not easy to break, not easy to deform, etc., and Facing elasticss can meet these requirements.



Above I have introduced the material and use of Facing elastics, he is mainly used to make the protective equipment and the human body more fit, and can produce a protective effect in addition to the firm, so that the application for protective masks, etc., must choose high quality and meet a number of production standards of the elastic band. The selected manufacturer's products must be rigorously tested to ensure that they meet people's needs in the process of use.